I no longer build thermoelectric cloud chamber because it’s impossible to have big interaction surface regarding the size of the whole machine.

I dedicated my time to build cloud chamber using compressor and gas (like a fridge), and after 3 years of tweaking, it works.  A video, 1 year old, just to see the quality of tracks.

Now the machine is completely different of the previous video. What it look like (not finished, the chamber is missing) :


Overall dimensions are 35 x 47 cm (not far from an A3 sheet size), and the height will be about 60 cm including wheels.  The active area will be 32×18 cm. Weight max 30-35 kg. It will works for hours without assistance, and will display particles about 20 min after power up.

I will finish this project in few weeks, before end of october 2017.

Concerning the price, it will be in the 4000 € range (first price cloud chamber using compressor are in the 25.000 € range (phywe and others).

 If you are interested to get a cloud chamber, you can mail me below but you have to know that there is a waitlist so the build time is about 12 months…