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I don’t build thermoelectric cloud chamber anymore like you see in the video in the experiences page (I started them in 2010).  Thermoelectric technology don’t permit to have big interaction surfaces and needs periodic maintenance which is time consuming. In the long term run, I’m not convinced about their reliability because peltier cells have to be periodically remplaced by new cells to keep good performance of cooling (and they are more and more costly).

Now, I build cloud chamber cooled by a compressor and gas (like a fridge). After some research, I finally obtained good results regarding the quality of tracks. But It need more works to have something marketable.

A cloud chamber is a powerful pedagogical tool but remain a scientific experiment. For my point of view, a cloud chamber should : 

  • Display particles with a very good quality, regardless the external conditions (room temperature),
  • Permit the introduction of radioactive sources inside the chamber with sufficient space (minerals, gas, metals…),
  • Allow to use strong magnetic fields to observe the deflection of light particles (electrons, positons, slow muons),
  • Should be easily operated and easy to modify for anyone with a minimum knowledge.

 I don’t trust electronics. So to have a reliable machine, it should work only with mechanical switches or very simple temperature controller. The components in the machine should also be easily replaceable at reasonable cost (peristaltic pump, power supply, temperature controller, led light…). 


This video show my last building. 


Concerning the price, it will be in the 4500 € range.