Welcome to Cloudylabs

This site is dedicated to  « The most original and wonderful instrument in scientific history » (E. Rutherford, ~1923). The aim of this site is to show how nuclear particles interacts in matter. For this we will need a cloud chamber and the physics which can explain the characteristics of tracks that we can observe with it.

A lot of pictures of nuclear events, taken at the beginnings of the nuclear physics and published in ancient books are reproduced here, in memory of all these brilliants mind of their time.

Any pictures or drawings in this site is free for use for your projects. If you are a physicist and found an error in an equation or an awkward interpretation, feel free to contact me and I will update the contents. You can also send me pictures of your own research or any documents regarding cloud chamber so I can share them through this site. 



 Preview of my last cloud chamber built :